Seagull Merlin M4 Mahogany EQ Dulcimer Guitar w/BBand Built-in-Tuner #042517
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The Seagull M4 Mahogany EQ Merlin SG is new for 2017 and based around a dulcimer. It is compact making it a great acoustic travel instrument and fun to play. This version includes electronics for plugging it in.


The Seagull M4 Mahogany EQ Merlin has been finely crafted in LaPatrie, Canada. Godin Guitars, who create all the Seagull line of instruments, are know for producing real quality. They are the largest manufacturer of guitars in Canada. Godin also have a name for creating cutting edge, innovative designs. This dulcimer inspired acoustic instrument is one of those great inventions. A solid mahogany top gives it a rich, warm tone. The body and neck have been constructed using hard rock maple. The overall finish is satin oil. This protects the wood from the elements. It also features a string through body design. This makes it easy to re-string the Seagull Merlin. This version of the M4 includes B-Band electronics wit ha tuner.


The Seagull M4 Mahogany EQ Merlin is based around a dulcimer. It has four strings. This acoustic instrument has been created around the diatonic scale. A guitar is based around a chromatic scale which makes it easy to play the wrong note. With the Merlin M4 it is actually harder to play a bad note than it is to play the right one! This makes it a great instrument for non players. Even a complete novice can get a nice sound from it. In the hands of an experienced guitarist or folk player it can unleash a world of new sounds. It certainly helps you think outside of the box!

Thanks to its compact dimensions this instrument is good for travelling. A great party instrument. The Seagull M4 Mahogany EQ Merlin is also great value for money. A lovely Canadian made instrument for not very much money. Want something a little different? Try the Seagull Merlin. You won't be disappointed.

  • MODEL: Seagull M4 Mahogany EQ Merlin
  • NUT WIDTH: 1.280 inches
  • TOP: Solid Mahogany
  • BODY: Rock maple, string-through body
  • NECK: Rock maple, string-through body
  • BRIDGE: Tusq by Graphtech
  • SADDLE: Compensated Tusq by Graphtech
  • FINISH: Satin oil
  • ELECTRONICS: B-Band with Tuner
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