Randall NBKING100 Nuno Bettencourt 100W Amp Head Guitar Tube Amplifier - Demo Z5
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Condition :  This amp was used for 4 days as a display sample at a national music dealers show. It is basically new and it even comes with the new warranty. It comes to you in the box and ready to go.   

List price : $2437.98


This NBKing 100 is a very unique and great sounding piece. Designed with Nuno Bettencourt and partner Peter King, it's billed as "the perfect combination of classic regal looks and modern circuitry to reproduce the legendary percussive tone of Nuno Bettencourt".
This classic 2-channel amp features 3 modes of operation (selectable via the INCLUDED MIDI 3-channel footswitch ), a sparkling CLEAN channel with the perfect amount of drive, an OVERDRIVE for any vintage to modern high gain rhythm tones and a SOLO mode for unparalleled harmonic sustain, MIDI in/thru, power tube bias section and Series Effect loop on the rear panel, 3 Preamp Channels (CH. 1: Clean Mode, CH. 2: Overdrive Mode, CH. 3: Solo Mode), Master Volume, Qty (4) E34L Tubes, 100 Watts of power, VU Output Meter, and it all comes w/ their warranty.
Wattage / Power 120w
Channels 2+Boost
Speaker Celestion Rocket 50
Impedance 4ω Minimum
FX/GATE/REVERB Spring Reverb
FOOTSWITCH RF2KH – 3 button switches Clean/Overdrive, Gain1/Gain2, Reverb
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm) 324x241x282
Weight (kg) 48,50
Dimensions (LxWxH in inches) 24,57×9,49×11,10
Weight (Lbs) 106,92
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